Our team works with clients to evaluate the business as a cohesive whole with a focus on defining the opportunity, identifying operational strengths and weaknesses and assessing capital structure & funding.

The Opportunity

  • Assess opportunity
  • Develop strategy to seize opportunity
  • Sales and Marketing procedures and practices
  • Creative marketing services oversight including web site review, public relations and messaging

Operational Strengths and Weaknesses

  • Identify "Gaps" in human and financial resources to execute strategy
  • Vision, Mission, Business Definition
  • Operational Strategy - operational efficiency review
  • Human capital plan - recruiting, retention, training
  • Evaluate Insurance and Risk Management requirements

Capital Structure & Funding

  • Assess current capital structure
  • Identify short and long term capital needs
  • Identify key financial drivers
  • Review and assess financial plan that supports capital structure

Results: Triton helps clients identify ways to leverage the existing resources. This will give us the information needed to formulate the best plan to maximize value moving forward.