What We Do - Strategy

Using the key financial drivers of the business as the cornerstone, our team works with clients to build a strategic and operational plan that is credible, fundable and executable.

Financial Plan

  • Detailed Plan for Capital Structure and Funding
    • Financial Model
  • Help Management with Investor Presentation
    • Financial ModelPositioning
    • 1 page overview
    • Executive Summary
    • Power Point Presentation
    • Term Sheet
  • Sales and Marketing. Develop and Refine Marketing Strategy
    • Differentiation
    • Positioning
    • Messaging/communications strategies (for investors, prospects/customers, partners and employees)
  • Deliver Sales/Revenue Generation Strategies
    • New markets
    • Channel development
    • Existing customer revenue strategy

 Corporate & Operations

  • Company Strategy
  • Organizational Plan
  • Creation of people development strategy, retention strategy
  • Budget objectives

Triton helps clients ask the right questions and prioritize activities so effort efficiently translates into value. A formalized strategic plan document will be presented at the end of the process that includes an Executive Summary with recommendations for future action and timetables, as well as an interactive Strategic Financial Planning model developed specifically for the clients Business.